Sunday, December 11, 2016

[Website Review] Daily Kos - a Shit Storm of Titanic Failure

When I write a review, I generally try to do it in the context of what a thing is supposed to do vs what it actually does, rather than just my personal preference for it.  I stopped posting on Daily Kos twice and have not posted in years; but it is a useful source of information sometimes so I still monitor from a far.

And it is still a shit show.

Kos climbed to fame during the Bush years organizing the grass roots operations from the left against a president that turned a tin ear to the American people.  And then in the last election Kos turned out to have been bought lock stock and barrel just like the rest of the liberal establishment media to be in the bag for Clinton.  Note, we're not just talking about bias here, but an actual declaration by Kos in MARCH that stated that anyone who didn't get with the program could be banished.

How, you ask?

Thus we get to the real heart of the shit storm that is Kos.  It isn't the obvious filfth that Kos pushes himself or even his cadre of chickenshit luitenents that makes his website a shit show; after all, a thirty second search shows all kinds of dissenting diaries show up on the front page.  Thus is maintained the illusion of discourse.

But Kos used to be one of the few places where the comment section was meaningful; this was how groups like Netroots nation got organized but the true way in which the HRC wing of the party took over the website was her group of paid operatives who hijacked diary after diary with nonsense in the comments. Daily Kos is not a place where you can go for DISCOURSE because Kos refuses to allow blocking and a selective enforcements of banning tools tends to only apply to dissenters.

Kos can't run a website.  He got lucky in serving as a rallying point just like Zuckerberg with facebook and does not deserve the lead he has because of his utter failure to organize his own house.  Instead, he allows either paid DNC operatives or paid Russian operatives pretending to be real progressives to hijack diary after diary.  Meanwhile, Bernie's promised organization after HRC has not manifested; nor has Obama nor has anyone on the left; just hints and shadows.

Kos deserves to be taken down.  Will no one actually do it?