Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Movie: Public Enemy

The movie in a nutshell is about the tail end of John Dillinger's criminal career in the early thirties. Since its a basic matter of history, I don't think I'm ruining things by saying that in the end, Dillinger does not drive off into the sunset with a bag of money in the back of his car. Its just not that kind of movie.

This movie proved two things to me: I like the acting of Johnny Depp and Christian Bale. Marion Cotillard does an excellent job as Dilligenger's fascination as well. In fact, I would say she has the most compelling part in the movie, because you can see how an ordinary person with nothing worth focusing on in their life could easily get swept up into the chaos of Dilligenger's world.

I liked the movie. It is probably not the most memorable movie for me, despite the fact that I also enjoyed knowing the time line involved. It does do a sufficient job of showing what a bastard J. Edgar Hoover was. The only thing I REALLY wish that they'd shown was how he edged out Melvin Purvis (played by Christian Bale) who was the guy who actually tracked Dillenger down. J. Edgar Hoover spent a good chunk of his life making sure that no publisher or Hollywood studio would print Purvis's story because Hoover wanted control of the FBI's image and to take all of the glory for himself.

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