Wednesday, June 18, 2014

[TV] Series: Batman: the Brave and the Bold

This show is awesome if you like super heroes.  At first I thought it would be stupid since it is an omage to silver age comics, but it actually turned out to be quite awesome.  It's 70% silver age with 30% post modern spin and it hits that sweet spot that Henson does about being a product with duality...perfect duality.  The delight and moral clarity of camp is there, but at the same time they acknowledge deeper levels that we are now aware of and can't NOT be aware of thanks to the evolution of the zeitgeist and our society.

Which in regular English means that it is both fun and occasionally deep without wallowing in it.  The show basically involves Batman pairing with another hero, with an intro teaser at the start before the credits and a second longer story thereafter.  It still isn't as good as Batman: The Animated Series that was done in the 90's, but the mark on that was set very high.

And to be honest, I really enjoyed the show.  I think they had a lot of stories to tell, told many of them but still had more to tell.  It was basically a giant love letter to the wonder of comics and some of the now forgotten characters of the previous generation. If you like comics, this is a show I would watch.

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