Saturday, August 5, 2017

Google Work Profile

Et Tu Google? I wanted to post on the article below saying that my work has me using Corporate Device management on my phone, but the Work Profile partitioned off EVERYTHING useful on the phone including Google Calendar. I even got Admin access to change it..nothing...totally counter intuitive. I tried to comment on the article, buuuuuuuuut...Google Doubleclick insisted I disable privacy and showed me no less than 14 adds while Discuss slowly spun and spun and spun and in the end I still wasn't able to comment on the article.

I'm sure LEGALLY Google is quite protected but I wonder....since the work profile is USELESS, what can my employer see on my phone? Can they see my other profiles? Because if it got out that they I imagine people would stop using google in seconds. Everywhere.

 It's still as clunky as described in this article and hopefully...YIKES...they can't 'remotely revoke data' except on the one profile that is actually owned by my job, because as I said...the 12 apps that were the only things involved in the play store were so useless I literally couldn't see my fellow employees meetings and we rely on calendar all the time.

Well this is somewhat better....

 I mean surely that means that we're not getting data sent on my PERSONAL phone for other accounts just because I didn't use a work profile, right?

All I know is, in a world where people like Snowden exist, I sure hope for their sake that they aren't providing more data than what an employer could gather from their own IT server on a work computer via Gsuite, because Jesus....Google had enough reputation damage when they found out how much they were sharing with the NSA.  If Google were found to be sharing information about non work profiles, even on company devices in some kind of administrative report...

Well  There's no way that could go well for them, no matter what their legal department says they can get away with.

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