Sunday, November 16, 2014

[Poetry] We Must Fight To Run Away by Chester Hopewell

I like this book quite a bit.  I picked it up at the Decatur Book Festival emerging authors tent, and it is basically a chap book of poetry filled with several of the author's photographs.  Both are well done.  I read it twice over three weeks just so that I could feel I could do the poems justice and greatly absorb their meaning.

The primary theme of the poems is about life, love, existential existence and finding a sense of purpose in spite of ourselves.  At least, that's what I got out of it.  There are a great many balloons and other curious pictures that go well thematically with the rest of the chapbook.   I had a positive feeling when I read it the first time, and a feeling of greater introspective focus when I read it the second, and I'm glad I read it the second time, because I got more out of it. 

I would highly recommend this book.  It seems like an excellent thing to leave on a coffee table for your guest to read to entertain themselves while you are otherwise occupied around the house.  They are universal enough in their appeal that I think they could do well with most anyone.

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