Thursday, January 1, 2015

[Tech] Cloudflare

Bought a wireless keyboard on the internet. I don't think it was Ebay.  Maybe it was.  Didn't recall hearing from them for weeks.  They did send a tracking number.  But I couldn't find it.  The only method of contact they listed was which explicitly states "

"Be as descriptive as possible in your ticket. DO NOT include any emotional responses, slander, or one word sentences or phrases. If the item is defective or damaged, describe the damage or defect.
All support tickets must be completed by the cardholder themselves. Company will not respond to any parties other than the cardholder themselves regarding the transaction. Company will delete any tickets which are not conducted by the actual cardholder themselves.

Now there is nothing wrong with asking people to be polite, but, you'll pardon me  if I am upset at not getting my keyboard, and think I'm getting jerked around. So, I don't want to NOT include an emotional response. The only other method  of contacting this vendor that I have, is to log a dispute.

I did not know about the tracking number they sent.  I wish to god that I had because, suddenly my name, phone number, email and HOME ADDRESS are suddenly plastered on this website.  According to Pay Pal, this vendor's account is flagged, and it is about a lot more than me because they wouldn't flag them for just one thing.

I want to clarify that both Paypal and Ebay customer service have been fantastic about this.

I contacted to say I had paid for the product but I haven't heard back from them.

That's not the reason I'm writing this review.

I also contacted the web hosting company.  This is my PERSONAL information we're talking about here.  But they couldn't be bothered.   


I purchased a wireless keyboard. I didn't get it for weeks. The contact method provided by the customer was insane. I filed a dispute with paypal. Two days later, I got it. I apologized and revoked the dispute.
Then I find this abomination. Please remove my contact information from this website. Ebay Customer service has already been contacted about this. 

Apologies, but the CloudFlare error message you saw on a site you were visiting is something we can discuss only with the site owner.
Error messages may result from security or performance choices made by the site owner or other host-related issues that we can only discuss with the site owner.
We would recommend you contact the site owner directly with your concerns, including as much detail as possible.
We are always happy to work with the site owner directly to investigate. (Are you the site owner? Then you're writing from a different email than your CloudFlare account, so we don't have confirmation of your identity.)
If the site was down during your visit, you still may be able to contact the site owner via the contact information listed in whois information, either at the command line or via sites such as or
You can also simply try contacting the site owner again when their site is functioning properly.
XXXXXX. | Support Engineer | CloudFlare 
 The  site owner has been contacted.
 But my contact information is plastered all over the internet against my will in a US jurisdiction.  Please contact the website owner yourself as well.
You can file an abuse report at -- We're not going to reach out to them for you.
XXXXXXX | Support Engineer | CloudFlare 
 Your terms of service explicitly state that if I submit my request you reserve the right to spread my contact information all over the internet even more.
I am not trying to do a DMCA take down for christ's sake, I'm trying to have my phone number removed when I never consented to have it put up in the first place.
Please contact them.  I am not submitting my complaint via a link where you threaten to spread it even more.
You're contacting the wrong company. We can't help you. This is solved, because there is no action CloudFlare will take here.  
XXXXXXX | Support Engineer | CloudFlare 

Now I get that web hosting services don't want to be in the business of responding to requests like this for every single request they get, but the philosophy of the entire company really makes me question if you'd ever want to do business with them.

Note this at their abuse website "Law enforcement officials can contact us directly at You must include your badge & case number when contacting us to receive a response. It is a crime to falsely impersonate a law enforcement official."
So good for them, they're advocates of privacy because they're not going to give up their client's details unless you provide  them the information they want. is a website that exists to provide a counterforce to websites who get ridiculous and abusive takedown notices from copyright holders.

But if Cloudflare is REALLY such an advocate for the rights and privacy of the individual, why are they hosting a website  that violates my privacy?  Why do I have to accept that my privacy  request might be spread all over the internet MORE just because I want to lodge a complaint?
Crappy company to do business with, unless, of course, you're a website like

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  1. They say they contacted the website. No word yet on results.